4 Car Insurance Secrets You Never Knew

Not only are the costs of learning to drive and get a car that young drivers need to worry about, there is also the nasty surprise of the insurance premiums high. Just to set things clear. A large number of people who make less than federal minimum wage are the servers of food and beverages whose salary is mainly from tips. Now what they do depends on the restaurant they work at, but they are not all living in poverty. My daughter worked at a very nice restaurant in the suburbs of Boston for several years. I don’t want to say what he was doing, but let’s just say that she was solidly middle class. Of course, there is a large difference in tips between a little cafe where the average bill is less than $ 10, and a restaurant of high level in which the bill is closer to $ 50 per person. My daughter has worked at the latter. And yet, the statistics should be revised to take account of the actual payment to take home. Among other things, contrary to popular opinion, the servers usually have to pay taxes on a good part of their tips. With the vast majority of people who pay for their meals with credit cards now, a lot of restaurants have added income relies on W2s.

If you like to write, or thinks that it would be fun to share your knowledge on a particular topic, start a blog. and to offer blogging platforms free of charge. You will need to pay a small amount (not more than $ 4 per month) to have your blog hosted. Test for domain name registration, as well as the website building, hosting and security. Turn to Google AdSense for a free way to view ads on your site to earn money.

The thought of having your child become a driver can be destroying really nervous. Recording of the teen in a pilot program to secure not only provide some peace of mind for you as a parent, but some companies may reward you for this with a discount. Another way to get some savings is if the child is a good student. And this is not just for high school students. Students under the age of 25 years who maintain an average of B are eligible for the good student discount.

We hope that you are prepared to rent a car, because without one you will have to take public buses, which are a limited number of places and also mean that you will always be in neutral. I almost never rent cars when I travel because I prefer public transport, but in Iceland I highly recommend it. You can get by well with a vehicle 2-wheel drive. It will be more efficient to hire at the airport, even if you are driving straight to Reykjavik for the first night. It’s about an hour of road, with almost nothing interesting in the middle.

Accommodation in Iceland can feel quite mysterious until you get there, so I was a bit stressed by it as well. You can find hotels and a few pensions in line, even if they tend to be the options the most expensive in every city. So you can sort of use those as a backup plan if all else fails. Otherwise, you’ll want to get your free copy of the type catalog that lists most of the smaller hotels and inns in each city. I picked up a copy at the tourist information office in the heart of Reykjavik, but I think you can get it in other places as well.


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